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Help those creative juices flowing

By on January 6, 2016

It’s amazing how in almost a year of various great ideas I’ve had for articles for my Polish website, I’ve managed to write three. Let me repeat that: three finished articles in a twelve-month period. In comparison, it took me three days of this ongoing travel through Iceland to finish four blog posts. And they just keep on coming!

It was enough to find myself in a new place and in my travel mode for inspiration – and completion – to come knocking on my door. That, plus the fact that I’ve gone back to writing in English which, surprisingly enough and without any logical explanation, has been easier and more natural to me for many years now. Also, organising my thoughts about traveling, both the destinations I visit and the people I interact with, is so much more effortless than just about anything I ever put down in writing. Especially that I got myself wrapped up in the idea of always creating deep, meaningful and life-changing content (whatever that is?), which – obviously – puts so much pressure that it basically blocked me completely.

So today I’m giving a very quick and spontaneous shout out to your very own creativity – what helps it flow?

What emotions, situations, events?

What form, mode, frames?

What themes, motives, insights?

What helps shorten the distance between your thought, desire or idea and the actual action of creation and finalization?

Where’s the finest soil for what you want to grow more of in your life and how can you best fertilize it?

Mine’s on the road, it seems – anywhere but the place I already know and have gotten used to.
I guess I’ll just have to keep on going in order for this being creative thing to work for me…

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What will it be for you?