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An ever-evolving chatterbox of an adventurer and a life lover, a published author and a buzzy bee travelling the world. To me, life is all about meeting new people, talking story and sharing the lenses we each use to experience the world. Bee the adventure is my way of taking you along for adventures and spreading some much needed travel lovin'.

Photo: Barbara Bogacka
On life

It’s all about the stories

By on February 16, 2017

The stories we’ve been told and brought up with.
The stories we keep on being fed with and repeating to our kids.
The stories we tell ourselves and the world around us.

Words have powers beyond the representative value of sounds made by vocal cords movement. The movement is created through the flow of air, the life-giving and sustaining element. Whatever we direct the life-giving breath into, we create it. Thus, when spoken, words give birth to concepts, ideas and stories.

Stories that shape us, give us hope or take it away; empower or victimise us; inspire action or condition passiveness and complacency. Concepts and ideas that are sown like seeds into fertile ground. By speaking, you’re literally sharing your world with someone else, planting your own thought-forms in someone else’s mind.

The seed comparison is no coincidence – like seeds growing in the soil and turning into plants, fruits and flowers, so do words planted in another’s consciousness continue to grow, change shape and bloom. That’s why stories are so immensely powerful. That’s why they can help us heal the world or burn it to the ground, ourselves along for the ride.

Photo: Barbara Bogacka

So let us start paying attention to the stories we hear and the stories we pass on.

Let us not get stuck at “that’s just how things are” but move forward with “why, exactly, are things the way they are?” and “how else could they look like?”.

Let us tell stories that hearten, capacitate and animate us.

Let us empower each other with the  sincerity, authenticity and creativity of our vision.

Photo credit: Barbara Bogacka

February 16, 2017